Axl Rose

Happy Birthday

William Bruce Rose Jr.
February 6, 1962
Lafayette, Indiana

Born William Bruce Rose Jr. but you could call him W. Axl Rose, or you could call him William Bruce Bailey, but you dont have to call him Bill Rose, you could call him Bill Bailey. He sure had a lot of names, but the only name I know him by is Axl Rose, lead singer of Guns n Roses!

Axl had a rough start. He was the product of an unplanned pregnancy. His mother Sharon Elizabeth was 16, his father William Bruce Rose, 20. His parents separated, and his father disappeared. His mother remarried to Stephen L. Bailey, and changed her son's name to William Bruce Bailey.

Axl never met his biological father as an adult; William Rose Sr. was murdered in Marion, Illinois, in 1984 by a criminal acquaintance who was convicted even though the body was never recovered. Rose did not learn about the murder until years later.

Rose became the local juvenile delinquent in Lafayette; The "Otis" of Lafayette, if you will. He was arrested more than 20 times on charges such as public intoxication, battery, farting in public and served jail terms up to three months. After Lafayette authorities threatened to flog him and horsewhip him, Rose moved to Los Angeles, California, in December 1982.

Shortly after arriving in L.A, Axl joined a band "Rapidfire". After the demise of "Rapidfire", Axl then formed the band Hollywood Rose with his childhood friend Izzy Stradlin. Slash and Steven Adler joined Hollywood Rose, Axl left and joined L.A Guns. Yada Yada, L.A Guns and Hollywood Rose merged and the Guns n Roses we know and loved was formed. 
"Appetite for Destruction" was released June 1987 and sold over 57 Billion albums worldwide. (Something like that, well it was a lot!). The album and single "Sweet Child O' Mine" went to #1. A phenomenon was born. They were the biggest and baddest band in the world! 

"GnR Lies" #2, "Use Your Illusion1" #2, "Use Your Illusion2" #1, "The Spaghetti Incident" #4 followed in the years to come. 

Guns n Roses came at the perfect time. When snotty boys in lipstick playing sappy pop rock tunes ruled the airwaves, and dudes looked like ladies, these 5 badasses rocked with reckless abandonment! These other bands looked like your sister while Guns n Roses looked like they would stab you and take your sister. 

Axl was a tempermental, erratic, sometimes violent, charismatic lead singer and front man. Axl sang from the groin, where all great rock n roll comes from. 

The band became synonymous with drugs and excess. Ironically, a drug fueled band had to fire their drummer for taking too many drugs. We won't even discuss the band after 1993. 1987-1993, Guns n Roses were as good as any band that ever existed! 

Axl has a unique voice and singing style, and who could forget his dancing. He is a great songwriter and frontman who brought a melodic touch to the band. 

Axl is cool AF and is a legendary frontman. He is now the lead singer du jour, for any band looking for a replacement singer. 

Thanks for the music and Happy Birthday Axl Rose!
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