Stephen Stills & Judy Collins

Bergen PAC, Englewood, NJ

Stephen Stills & Judy Collins
Bergen PAC , Englewood, NJ,  June 24, 2018
​St. George Theater, SI, NY, June 29, 2018
Review By Dennis Morgillo​
Photos by Rebecca Wolf

Judy Collins & Stephen Stills first met in 1968. They started a romance that blossomed into a friendship that has endured for 50 years. As Judy and Stephen tell it, the reason they have remained friends is because they married other people. Oh, did I forget to mention that the romance also produced some great music including “Suite Judy Blue Eyes”.

There was a nice warm feeling at the Bergen PAC on this summer evening. It was great to get together with our old friends Stephen & Judy, and listen to them tell some stories of the old days and play some music. It just so happens our friends are musical legends. 

Stills & Collins have a new album out “Everybody Knows”, and have been touring together. They were charming, looked great and sounded great. Judy still sings like an angel. Stills’ guitar playing was on point. I always felt Stills was never given the full credit he deserved as a guitar hero. 

The show opened with “Handle with Care” by The Traveling Wilburys, and then ran through a retrospective of their careers. Solo work, Buffalo Springfield, CSN, a Leonard Cohen cover, “Long May You Run”, a Tom Petty cover and lots of surprises. “River of Gold” is a beautiful song off the new album, and the show stopping “Both Sides Now” filled the theater with chills and tears. 

Stills and Collins wrapped up the show with 2 “Buffalo Springfield” classics, “Bluebird”, and “For What it’s Worth”. The duo’s first encore was the beautiful Collins’ song  “Houses”, written about Stills. I believe history was made during the final encore. It’s not everyday that a girl gets to sing the love song written for her, with the writer. “Angie” never sang with Mick Jagger, “Michelle” never got to sing with Paul McCartney, but Collins & Stills performed a beautiful version of “Suite Judy Blue Eyes” together. The CSN, Woodstock classic, brought back lots of memories. The crowd left on it’s feet, still singing “Do Do Do Do Doot, Doot Doot Do Do Do Doot”. ​ A great show, see it. A great album, buy it!
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