Roadcase Royale

Gramercy, NYC

Roadcase Royale
Gramercy, NYC
By Dennis Morgillo

Roadcase Royale is a new supergroup featuring Nancy Wilson (Heart) and Liv Warfield (Prince’s New Power Generation). ‘RR’ kicked off the tour with a gig at New York’s famed Gramercy Theater before hitting the road with Bob Seger.

Nancy looked beautiful and was charming and sweet. She interacted with the band and the audience as if we were at a party in her house. It was a rare treat to see a star of her magnitude up close in such an intimate venue.

Roadcase Royale mixed new songs from their ‘First Things First’ album with Heart classics and a few well chosen covers. This is the best band playing new original music that I have seen in a long time. The new songs rock! I love ‘Get Loud’ & ‘Hold On’. Liv Warfield has the best voice in Rock n Roll. I got chills numerous times through the night. Her voice blew me away.
In addition to Wilson and Warfield, the band also includes Ryan Waters on lead guitar, Dan Rothchild on bass, Ben Smith on drums and Chris Joyner on keys. This band is tight and bad ass. Ryan Waters shreds the crap out of that guitar, like a young Prince. Phenomenal musicianship and incredible chemistry. This is the best new band in Rock n Roll.

Heart songs ‘Even It Up’, ‘Straight On’, ‘These Dreams’ & ‘Crazy On You’ were done with a little spin and twist but were true to the originals. Amazing songs. Amazing Band. What cover songs would an amazing band of this caliber choose? How about ‘All Is Fair’ by Stevie Wonder and ‘No Way Back’ by Foo Fighters. That sums up how talented and versatile this band is.

I had an amazing night and thoroughly enjoyed this up close and personal concert. An amazing night of music that I will store away and cherish with some of the best concerts I have ever seen. I look forward to a lot more from this ‘Supergroup’!

Get Loud
Even it up
Hold On
The Dragon
All is Fair (Stevie Wonder)
Straight On
Mind Your Business
Not Giving Up
These Dreams
Cover Each Other
Crazy on You
No Way Back (Foo Fighters)
Never Say Die

Photo Credit: Dennis Morgillo

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