MAYO Performing Arts Center, Morristown, NJ

Pretenders at MAYO Performing Arts Center
Morristown, NJ April 2, 2018
Article By Dennis Morgillo
There were a lot of warnings before the show: No Cell Phones! No Pictures!
I was nervous, I hid in the men’s room in order to check my phone. I was afraid Chrissie Hynde would kick the stall in and catch me. I love the Pretenders. Chrissie Hynde is my favorite bad ass chick. I still remember the story of her kicking out a police car window, so I am a little afraid of her. 

I am back at one of my favorite theaters. The beautiful Mayo PAC in Morristown NJ. The show started with a great set by opener “Lowlight”, the Asbury Park NJ band led by Renee Maskin. Lowlight was chosen to go on tour with the Pretenders, so that says a lot about the band which includes Derrill Sellers, Rey Rivera, Colin Ryan, and Dana Sellers. The band has a great sense of humor and we expect to hear a lot more from them. Their latest album is called “Born to Run.” That’s right a Jersey band dares to call their album “Born To Run”. In NJ, that’s like naming your baby Jesus. I like this band!

Chrissie came out and started yelling at a few losers who had their phones out. “Shove that phone up your ass.”  At first I thought the cell phone ban was overkill and a bit harsh. However, when Chrissie explained her reasoning it made sense. Chrissie explained that she has been to many concerts. “I saw The Stones with Brian Jones, no one had a cell phone. I saw Cream, Jethro Tull and no one had a cell phone. I saw Iggy Pop many times, and I wished I had a cell phone. But regardless, my point is, we enjoyed the moment. We didn’t need to see a concert through a phone. We lived for the moment. So put your phones away and enjoy the concert.” 

Well Chrissie was right, and enjoy the concert, we sure did. Chrissie looked great and sounded great, the band sounded amazing. The songs, the soundtrack of my youth. “Talk of the Town”, “My City was Gone”, and “Kid” dedicated to her former bandmates James Honeyman Scott and Pete Farndon. Then my favorite Pretenders song “Hymn to Her”. It is such a beautiful song and Hynde’s voice sounded perfect. I had chills for the entire length of the song. Normally, if I get chills, it is for a few seconds. I was afraid I would chill to death. 

Chrissie Hynde is the coolest, most badass, hottest, sexiest, yet still sweet and vulnerable, chick rocker of all time. Chrissie was in fine form, her voice sounded great, she looked beautiful and she was charming as she told anecdotes in between the songs.

More songs “Boots of Chinese Plastic”, “Stop Your Sobbing”, “Don’t Get Me Wrong”, “I’ll Stand by You”. The band consists of Martin Chambers on drums, James Walbourne on Guitar, Nick Wilkinson on Bass and Eric Heywood. The band was tight and fresh. 

Even more songs, “Mystery Achievement”, “Middle of the Road”. It was a cold Monday night in NJ and there was not an empty seat as The Pretenders came out to do the encore. “Back on the Chain Gang”,  and “Night in My Veins”. Now if there ever was a testaments to how good the Pretenders are, it’s the fact that they can get a theater of old people to stand for 90 minutes and stay out late on a Monday night.

Set List
Gotta Wait
Talk of the Town 
Down the Wrong Way (Chrissie Hynde song) 
Private Life 
My City Was Gone 
Let's Get Lost 
Hymn to Her 
Break Up the Concrete 
Boots of Chinese Plastic 
Stop Your Sobbing (The Kinks cover) 
Don't Get Me Wrong 
I'll Stand by You 
Mystery Achievement 
Middle of the Road (with drum solo intro) 

Back on the Chain Gang 
Night in My Veins
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