Michael Buble

Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, PA

Michael Buble
The Love Tour!
Wells Fargo Center
Philadelphia, PA
February 24, 2019
Article and Photographs By Estelle Massry
Additional article contributions by Dennis Morgillo.
What the world needs now, more than ever, is Love. Love sweet love. Michael Buble is the ambassador of love and he is in Philly to deliver some romance.
It's another freezing night in Philly, but Buble is here to warm up the city of Brotherly Love. Buble hits the stage and the audience is excited. “You missed the oscars to be here tonight! If my show is as lame and boring as those shows, I am taking you all to Tastykakes. It’s a beautiful time to celebrate love. 
Music brings us all together, I’m hoping to help you celebrate a belated Valentine’s Day."
Michael looks sharp in his suit, a real gentleman. The stage is beautiful with amazing backgrounds of the moon, rainbows, clouds, chandeliers dropping from the ceiling. It is a huge production. There is a full orchestra playing behind him on stage: I count 13 Violins, 3 Cellos, 4 Trumpets, 4 Horns, 5 Saxophones, 3 backing singers, Guitar, Drums and Piano. I even thought I saw a Flugelhorn. It's like a small city up there. 

I look around and notice that I am the only one here alone.  The only empty seats were the 2 beside me. I’m looking around at all the couples kissing, arms around each other or holding hands, and here I am, alone at a Michael Buble concert. I smiled and it actually didn’t bother me, because I am working. I am not a loser. I am enjoying the show and laughing so hard at this very talented man on stage. Not only is he an incredible singer and showman, but he is also a very funny guy. I felt like I was at a concert and comedy show all wrapped up into one.
The man is in fine form tonight, he opens with the passionate "Feeling Good", followed by the fun and charming "Haven't Met You Yet", one of his signature numbers, and then into "My Funny Valentine" from his new "Love" album.  
I love the glamour and the romance of the evening. The old school vibe, the 1950's "Rat Pack" vibe. Men in suits and tuxedos, ladies in their mink stoles and gowns. Buble's smooth voice is so lovely as he kills Dean Martin's "Sway". I close my eyes and picture I am in Vegas at The Flamingo.  
The crowd is yelling out how much they love him. Buble replies “I love you too stranger, you may be a stranger but I can promise you that I love you with with all my heart." He means it too. He is so warm and friendly. The crowd is eating it up. 

Buble brings the hosue down with his swinging version of the Louis Prima classics "Buona Sera Signorino" and "Just a Gigolo". David Lee Roth aint got nothing on Buble, as he dances, swings and jumps all over that stage. The audience is on their feet, clapping, dancing and singing along. 

For the encores, Buble performs the beautiful Rodgers and Hart song "Where or When", also from the new album. I took this time to sit and listen with eyes closed. What a beautiful, powereful voice this man has. Absolutely stunning. 

Buble closes the night with "Everything", and a heartfelt thank you to the fans. This man loves his fans and it shows. This is not show biz nonsense, he is genuine and grateful to be where he is.  

The last song of the evening is the beautiful "Always on my Mind" made famous by WIllie Nelson. Buble's smooth velvety voice is perfect for this song. It's an emotional rendition. Couples sway together, smooch, smile and cry together. It is a beautiful moment and a wonderful way to close out a perfect evening of Love.

Thank You for tonight Mr. Buble. This was my first time seeing you, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I smiled for 2 hours straight. You are an amazing performer. You have "it". You are a rare breed. 

Catch Michael Buble as he is in the middle of his North American Tour, and  heading out to Europe later this year. Get "Love"! The latest release by Buble is an 11 song collection of the world's best love songs. 
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