Bryce Jordan Center, University Park, PA

Metallica - Worldwired Tour
Bryce Jordan Center
University Park, PA,  October 20, 2018
Review & Photos By Estelle Massry

I Love Metallica. I love them so much I drove 4.5 Hours from NJ to cover this concert.  

I was scheduled to meet my escort, and pick up my press pass by 8:20PM. At 8:10, I was stuck in stand still traffic. I find a parking spot, jump out and run 20 blocks in the pouring rain. I am running in high heels, while lugging my camera bags. I arrive by 8:16PM soaked and exhausted, but I made it and I am escorted down for the show. 

The show is sold out and Metallica has shattered the venue's attendance record with a crowd of 15,588 fans on hand. This is the band's first performance in the area since the late 1990s. The Bryce Jordan Center is located in Penn State University and the campus is abuzz with excitement. 

Fire, Thunder, Lights, Drones and Guitars. Dressed all in black, Metallica appear in the center of the venue on a rotating stage. I imagine this is what Hell would be like. If Hell were awesome, that is!
There is nothing like music. Fans of all ages and backgrounds get together peacefully to enjoy their beloved Metallica music together. Throw up the horns, sing, play air guitar, and just freak the F out! We are as one! Together we can change the world. Or just enjoy the show.
Metallica has been the masters of Metal for over 37 years now, and they show no sign of slowing down. They still kick ass. This is possibly the greatest show I have ever been to. Just amazing. 

Newer songs, old songs, classic songs, drum circles and sing alongs. Thunderous Bass & Drums, amazing solos. This show has it all. “Seek & Destroy”, “For Whom The Bell Tolls”, “One”, “Master of Puppets”. How can a show this good get any better? Well when you do an encore of “Nothing Else Matters” and “Enter Sandman” you soon find out. Every riff brings chills, every note a flood of memories. 

Two Hours and 18 songs later, I forget about the traffic and the rain, my broken heel and my running mascara. I forget all that’s wrong with the world. I am immersed in the sights and the sounds of Metallica and the crowd. After the show I stay behind to take in the last few moments. This is one event that I will surely remember fondly for the rest of my days. An event to tell the future grandkids someday! I effin Love Metallica!
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