Mick Taylor

Happy Birthday

Michael Kevin Taylor
January 17, 1949
Welwyn Garden City, UK

Mick Taylor is an incredible guitarist and a beautiful player. Taylor was the only true 'lead guitarist' the Stones ever had. He added a whole new dimension to the band and played on their greatest albums. 

Taylor grew up in England and learned guitar in his bedroom. He joined John Mayall's Bluesbreakers at the age of 17. When Brian Jones imploded, Mick Taylor came and played some sessions, laid down the recorded parts on "Live With Me" and "Country Honk" for "Let It Bleed", and so found himself a member of The Rolling Stones as the decade ended and the band became the biggest and best rock and roll group on the planet.

Taylor's onstage debut as a Rolling Stone, at the age of 20, was the free concert in Hyde Park, London on July 5th 1969. An estimated quarter of a million people attended for a show that turned into a tribute to Brian Jones, who had died two days before the concert.
The years that followed produced some of the greatest works of art ever created. "Let it Bleed", "Sticky Fingers", "Exile on Main St.", "Goats Head Soup", "It's Only Rock n Roll" and "Get Yer Ya Yas Out"! The greatest run of any band ever! Taylor was a big part of the genius!

Taylor's guitar playing on "Sway" off of "Sticky Finger" is pure genius. A brilliant solo that is sure to create chills up and down your spine upon listening to it. 

In December of 1974, Taylor announced he was leaving the band. "He never explained why he left" said Mick Jagger in an interview. "Nobody leaves The Stones unless they're in a pine box" commented Keith Richards. 

Whatever the reason, be it uncredited song contributions, tense relationships, drugs, tax exiles, or the fact that Keith gave him a wedgie, the fact remains Taylor left the band and never looked back. 

“To ask if I regret leaving The Rolling Stones is to ask the wrong question”, Taylor  notes. “The hard one to answer is, do I regret joining them?”

Well, Thanks for your contributions and your genius playing.
Happy Birthday Mick Taylor!
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