Chris Robinson Brotherhood

Stone Pony, Asbury Park, NJ

Chris Robinson Brotherhood
Stone Pony
Asbury Park, NJ,  July 26, 2018
Article & Photos By Dennis Morgillo 
The show was listed to start at 8PM. I figure, it's a hippie band, they will stroll on at maybe 9-9:30. Even after getting stuck in traffic, I show up at 8:01PM and the band was already on stage playing! WTF!? When did hippies start playing on time!? The times are a changin'!

I am stressed, but I settle in and soon the vibe of the crowd mellows me out. It is such a cool, authentic hippie vibe. Is it 1968 or 2018? Chris Robinson looks like a stoned Jesus. He looks so cool and chill. Long hair, beard, tie dyed, patchwork shirt, bare feet playing a Fender Strat. 

The stage backdrop is an enormous freak flag. There is an owl incense holder.
A mixture of Patchouli oil, weed, and sweat fill the air. A hippie chick wearing a peasant skirt, with leg tattoos dances next to me. That crazy Grateful Dead dance.
Now about the music. Chris Robinson is of course the former lead singer of "The Black Crowes", but this venture, "The Brotherhood" is quite a departure. The 2 bands couldn't be any different. As different as they are, it seems to be a natural progression for Robinson. He just kinda drifted into the Brotherhood on a cloud of smoke. Robinson is smiling. Having the time of his life up there on stage. I don't recall him smiling that much with the Crowes. 

Chris Robinson sounds great, as he switches from singing, guitar and harmonica. The band is tight. The songs are a mix of Americana, Country, Soul, Blues, Grateful Dead influenced jam songs and 1 part Black Crowes. 

I won't rattle off the setlist here, as you can read the setlist below. Each song however, has a groove, a psychedelic, spacey groove. Robinson is caught up in the aura, and seems to be off in his own mind, enjoying the music as much as the crowd. 

The band takes an intermission, and retires to the tour bus. Probably having tea and playing scrabble before returning for round 2. Another set of magic. The music is sensual and beautiful, and the crowd sawys in unison. They are one with the band. 

"Barefoot in the Head" is the Chris Robinson Brotherhood's latest release from 2017. The band performs a few tracks off the album including: the funky "Behold the Seer", "Hark the Herald Hermit Speaks" which is a trippy Dylanesque jam, the beautiful country soul ballad "Blonde Light of Morning", the beautiful ballad "Glow" and the space reggae jam of "Good to Know". 

Throw in a "Coasters" cover, a "Slim Harpo" cover, and then what better way to end the show, but with a Grateful Dead cover? Mr. Charlie! 

I always loved Robinson's voice, and that is what takes this jam band to a whole different level. His voice rocks, it kicks ass, and these songs are greatly crafted melodic compositions. 

A damn good show. A 5 Joints positive review. This is the best jam band out there. Even if you don't like jam bands you will like The Chris Robinson Brotherhood. 
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