Ana Popovic

Cutting Room, NYC

Anna Popovic
Cutting Room, NYC
February 12, 2019
Review by Dennis Morgillo
Photos by Estelle Massry

Ana Popovic has a new album out "I Like it on Top". That tongue in cheek, double entendre title, says a lot about Ana. Ana is a Boss, who has paved the way for many of today's female guitarists. She is at the top of her profession and at the top of her game. She is one of the top Blues Guitarists in the business, male or female. 
Ana Popovic fell in love with American blues as a young girl in Belgrade, Serbia. She followed her dreams and moved to the Netherlands to study at the conservatory of jazz and world-music. Ana lived in Amsterdam for over ten years, where she perfected her craft, and then relocated to Memphis, TN to study with the masters in music city.

There is no other place I would rather be on this freezing snowy, slushy Tuesday night in NYC, then The Cutting Room. Ana Popovic and her band are ready to heat up this beautiful intimate venue. One of the best in the city.  

The opening band "Porcelain Hill", is a blues rock n funk power trio out of California.  Darnell Cole (aka Big D) on Guitar and Vocals is an energetic and charming frontman as well as a killer guitarist. Darnell, influenced by the masters, has his own style and works that strat to death on stage.  

Lucas Martinez on Bass, and Nathalie Campos on Drums lay down a perfect backbeat. Thunderous drums and intricate melodic bass lines accentuate Darnell's masterful playing. The band put on a great set, captivating the crowd, and we look forward to seeing a lot more from these guys. 
Now it's time for Ana and her band to hit the stage and the capacity crowd is excited. 7 amazingly talented musicians pack the stage to rock the roof off of the joint. 

Ana is looking exceptionally beautiful tonight in a red fringe top, leggings and her signature high heeled bedazzled shoes. I am sure she could have been a supermodel if she chose that path, instead of superGuitarist! 

The Cutting Room is ablaze now as the band rips through numbers off of their new album, as well as old favorites and a few choice covers. You can hear the jazz expertise in Ana's playing as she shreds and bends those strings. Ana plays with soul. Each note has emotion and feeling. She plays from the heart. When you add that to her technical proficiency, you have a very special guitar player. That is Ana Popovic.  

Oh and let's not forget Ana's voice. A sultry sexy beautiful voice, that reminds me a bit of Joss Stone. 

There were so many highlights tonight. The Sax and Trombone playing of Jon Ramm and Brad Walker, was tremendous. The killer Bass solo by Buthel Burns, 2 drum solos! Everything was amazing. The band was having so much fun up there, and the audience felt it.  

After tremendous versions of the classics "I'm Going Down" and "Crosstown Traffic", the band wrapped it up with "I Like It On Top". What a perfect way to end an amazing show. Ana Popovic heated up a freezing city for one night and left a crowd smiling and playing air guitar. Ana is definitely on top. 
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