Alice Cooper

State Theater, New Brunswick, NJ

The “Spend the Night with Alice Cooper” tour rolled into NJ Tuesday and delivered big time. Chock full of smoke, pyrotechnics, electric chairs, snakes, blood, guillotines, Frankenstein and raw Rock n Roll power.       

The beautiful State Theater located in the quaint NJ college town of New Brunswick was over run with generations of Alice fans. From 10 year olds with Alice eye make up, teenage girls with full goth gear to 70 year olds with walkers, they all came together to enjoy classic Alice, and he did not disappoint.  

I ran into an old friend milling around in front of the theater trying to score a cheap ticket. He was reminiscing about the time he saw Alice and the Edgar Winter Band back in 1972 in Asbury Park NJ. I was wondering aloud to him if Alice still loves performing, but my questions were answered the second Alice took the stage. Yes he does, and he does it exceptionally well.   

The house lights came down and the eerie monologue from Vincent Price began. Fireworks and explosions filled the air with the smell of sulfur as Alice and company hit the stage with a bang and they never let up.

The hits kept coming. “No More Mr. Nice Guy”, “Under My Wheels”, & “Cold Ethyl”. As Alice began to pull tricks out of his oversized toybox on stage, I was immediately transported back to my living room 1975. When I begged my parents to let me watch “Welcome to my Nightmare” on our only TV set. I was mesmerized, I loved Alice Cooper and what made it even more gratifying, was the fact that no artist was more terrifying to parents than Alice Cooper in the 1970s.

What keeps the show fresh and alive in 2016? It’s that Alice has surrounded himself with the most amazing tour band. Chuck Garric on Bass, Ryan Roxie, Tommy Henriksen on Guitars, Glen Sobel on Drums and the beautiful and talented Nita Strauss on Guitar. Nita was named ‘The Hottest Chick in Hard Rock’ , and apparently Prince tried to steal her away for his own band for years. 

The crowd was on its feet for “Poison”, “Frankenstein”, “Billion Dollar Babies”, and during the “I Love the Dead” segment, they performed an homage to Jimi Hendrix “Fire”, Keith Moon “Pinball Wizard”, and David Bowie “Suffragette City”. They ended the night with the classic anthems “I’m 18” and “Schools Out” with “Another Brick in the Wall” mashup. The encore was the very fitting “Elected” which included a bitch slapping fight between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton before they ended up in a make out session. 

Truly the best stage show around, Alice had his head chopped off, was put in the electric chair, & fought with monsters in an electrifying set that left the crowd happy and wanting more.  This was one of the best live shows I have seen in years and is definitely a must see.
Dennis Morgillo

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