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Posers vs The Real Deal

Adam Levine: Can A Rich Kid Make Great Music? Did he earn those tattoos? 

Adam Levine is the talk of the water cooler after his shirtless tattooed performance at the Super Bowl Halftime show. 

The times they are a changin'. I remember a time when only Badasses got tattoos. It was originally sailors and bikers. As a recent social media post stated: "A tattoo sleeve used to mean you were a homicidal biker. Now it means you are a chef that makes a nice pork belly with balsamic drizzle." Amen to that! 
Adam Levine was born a rich kid. His father Fredric Levine, was the founder of retail chain M. Fredric. The Levines are worth millions of dollars. Am I jeaous? Yes, but thats not the point. Can rich kids make great music? The answer is NO. No they cannot. The greatest music ever recorded was created out of desperation, poverty, struggle, insanity and drug abuse. 

Every band worth a damn had to struggle. Every rock star put it all on the line. There were no back up plans. It was either make it big or die trying.  Being a rock star meant years of living together in an apartment with no heat. Traveling in a small van hoping to make enough money at the next gig for some food, shelter, beer and drugs.
Being wealthy and having a rich daddy means that Adam Levine never knew any of those struggles. It shows in his music, which is bland, nondescript elevator music which has absolutely nothing to say. No substance, no redeeming value. Disposable sappy trash. 
So now that we answered the musical question, what about the tattoos!? Does the rich kid Adam Levine look like a poser standing up there covered in tattoos!? Yes. Yes he does. Rock stars have earned those tattoos, Levine has earned nothing. He sports a "California" tattoo across his stomach as if he is Tupac Shakur. Levine is the furthest thing from a gangster. He went to school in Brentwood. He never knew what it meant to go without. 

GG Allin earned his tattoos. Mike Ness of Social Distortion was kicked out of his house at age 15 and then lived on the street. He spent many years battling a drug addiction. He earned his tattoos. Axl Rose, Tupac, Ozzy, Slayer, BuckCherry, Stray Cats, etc lived hard, struggled, battled addictions and made some of the most kick ass music of all time. They all deserved every last one of their tattoos. Levine had a butler, nanny, chef and housekeeper. Maybe they deserve the tattoos, but Levine deserves nothing. Well maybe a "Hello Kitty" tattoo. 
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