1. Rectum! Nearly Killed 'Em!
    Bull Emasculates Man - Horn Up the Butt!
  2. Funniest Little Indian Kid Dancing
    Love this kid! Or is it a midget!?
  3. John Lennon, Chuck Berry & Yoko Screeching!
    The look on Chuck Berry's face is hysterical!
  4. Charlie Says...
    Crazy or Sly!?
  5. Casey Kasem Loses It!
    Hysterical - Casey Kasem as Shaggy Loses it
  6. Ramones - CBGB - 1974
    The Ramones first gig CBGBs 1974.
  7. Sex Pistols Cartoon
    Sex Pistols Cartoon.
  8. 1978 - The Year in Review
    Take an hysterical trip back to 1978. Dennis, Cha Cha, Bello and Gina discuss the music, tv, movies and events of the year. Lots of fun.