Madhouse Magazine Radio Hour

Live From Dennis' House is an eclectic mix of comedy and music. Join Dennis, his sidekick 'Cha Cha' and the whole hysterical madhouse crew. Dennis combines his encyclopedic knowledge of music with irreverent humor and a rare insight into life. With elements of Johnny Carson, David Letterman, Howard Stern, The Midnight Special, SNL & Jeopardy - 
Live From Dennis' House will have you tapping your feet, singing, scratching your head, and rolling on the floor laughing.
Todd Rundgren Interview
2017 Interview with Legendary Musician, Producer, Engineer, Writer and Genius at Work, Todd Rundgren...
David Cassidy Interview
2016 Interview with Legendary Musician and Actor David Cassidy. We discuss his life, career, music and friendship with John Lennon. We discuss his Rock n Roll side...
1978 - Year in Review
Take an hysterical trip back to 1978. Dennis, Cha Cha, Bello and Gina discuss the music, tv, movies and events of the year. Lots of fun.
1984 - Year in Review
MTV, Culture Club, Prince, Billy Idol, Madonna, Public Urination, Car Theft and lots of fun stuff. Comedy & Music!
Tom Petty Tribute
Listen as Dennis, Mike & Jimmy Celebrate the Life & Music of Tom Petty. We laugh and have fun as we pay homage to Hugh Hefner, Jerry Lewis & Morrie From Goodfellas. 
Robby Krieger Interview
Robby Krieger, Guitarist of The Doors is a living legend...We discuss The Doors, Jim Morrison, Music, Guitars, Influences and a whole lot more. 
1974 - Kung Fu Fighting
Dennis, Cha Cha, Gina & Bello are all back for an Hilarious Show! We spotlight 1974 and 'Kung Fu Fighting! Hear the Hysterical stories of growing up in the 70's! Dennis admits to a decades old felony!