NFL Shocking New Anthem Protest!

Hugh Janus

The NFL Players have taken protesting to an entirely new level. Before Sundays Game, some players took part in group anal sex with each other. The players claimed this was a way to protest the social injustice in the country." It makes sense to me" said fan Jim Bullock. "I respect the players right to peacefully protest in any way they see fit" stated fan Charles Reilly. Reilly continued "It was a peaceful protest and I don't think it disrepects the flag or the National Anthem in any way. It was wonderful how the players from opposing teams could put aside their differences and enjoy some intimate man sex before the game." Roger Goodall said he stands behind the players. "But not that close" said Goodall. 
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones exclaimed "now this is my kind of protest. yee ha"
President Trump tweeted "I plan on declaring war on the NFL and will be sending in the military next Sunday. Anyone engaging in kneeling or anal sex will be shot on sight". 

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